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The new installation of the Redant Production Control System has put Sea-NC Engineering firmly in the driving seat. The new systems software gives us total control of our manufacturing input and output processes. Full electronic traceability with state of the art advanced features incorporated in the latest highly sophisticated digital software.

Precision Engineering UK in Dorset Devon Somerset


Our production control systems software seamlessly integrates with our manufacturing operations, so much so that we can live monitor order's on the production line providing full traceability as to what stage of manufacturing we are at, providing exact real time scheduling. On time deliveries are of paramount importance to us as a company and we are proud to constantly achieve a 98% delivery performance success rate.

Cutting Edge Precision Engineering

Sea-NC is a multi disciplined precision engineering company providing a total package from product design to manufacture. Whatever your engineering requirements Sea-NC have both the equipment and expertise. At Sea-NC Engineering we take your business seriously.

Production Engineering

Whether you require a one-off prototype, or high-volume production, we will apply our technologies and our considerable skills to achieve consistently low development and production costs. We will aggressively pursue the most efficient

Aggressive Foresight

The aggressive foresight and investment in the computer age, coupled with the existing manual machines has enabled us to maintain prices below the competition while maintaining high levels of quality. We're a company known for our commitment to customer needs which is a prime objective of the company.


We are totally accountable and committed to customer satisfaction. Our goal is to achieve the quality and service expected by our customers and exceed there expectations.                    
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Engineering Production



CAD-CAM technology enables us to turn your concept into reality faster than ever before. We've invested into making our processes seamless and lightning fast, so you can bring your concepts to prototype or market stage sooner.

CAD-CAM is a term that refers to computer systems that are used to both design and manufacture products. While CAD is the use of computer technology for the process of design and design-documentation, CAD-CAM systems are used both for designing a product and for controlling manufacturing processes.

CAD-CAM geometries in the CAD drawing are used by the CAM portion of the program to control a machine that creates the exact shape that was drawn. CAD-CAM software is most often used for product development, machine-tooling and manufacturing.

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Why CAD/CAM Software?
Computer Aided design & Manufacturing software provides the programming automation necessary to innovate and deliver products to market faster and easier than ever before. Discover how to improve your service, productivity and reliability with Sea-NC Engineering's advanced programme.
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The Right Software
With so many CAD & CAM software products on the market, how does a shop properly choose which software products to help them achieve their goals? Sea-NC have the knowledge and expertise to utilise the very best from our software to extract the quickest most efficient code for precise uninterrupted production.
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CAD/CAM For Productivity
How will the future of manufacturing benefit from computer aided design & manufacturing software? Sea-NC continues to invest in the latest CAD/CAM technology, as technology advances so do we. Ensuring cutting edge manufacturing with maximum productivity using the latest in CNC machine tools.
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Precision Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence